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Prepaid phone cards came as a   great advancement for communications , particularly for long distance calling.
- Very low domestic rates to the USA
- Superior Quality, and Customer Service
- One PIN can be used in 40 Countries
- Great for Travelers, or Anyone Abroad

Calling from around the world has never been easier or had greater savings!
- Prepaid International Calling Card
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Prepaid international calling cards are what you will find inmost store selling calling cards. These have a certain amount of money on them and you slowly use it up as you make phone calls.

I used these to call my parents when I went to Acapulco in college. Now the one problem is that some will warn you how much money you have left on them before you call and some will tell you after. The bad ones are the ones that don’t and you are simply cut off in the middle of a conversation without warning. Also I don’t know about you but I have a hard time keeping track of how long I have talked when I am on the phone. I find that 9 times out of ten I go over and get cut off because I am not really paying attention to how much tome I have.

Since moving to Venezuela I discovered something even better than repaid international calling cards. I have a cell phone here that lets me text message internationally for a fairly cheap price. Now I simply text message my parents or friends when I want them to call me and they do. It is much cheaper this way, at least for me and much more convenient because I can tell them when is a good time to call.

When I left I thought I was going to be sending a lot of money on prepaid international calling cards. However since I got here I have not spent one dime. I know that phone service here is pretty expensive so people do not make phone calls on a regular basis. For this reason I revel in my text messaging capabilities.