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SMS Call is an excellent option to allow you to access our International and Domestic long distance service from your existing SMS or Text Message enabled mobile phone. This product uses short, simple commands from your cellular phone, along with your existing account, to launch international dialing and long distance dialing calls anytime, anyplace, anywhere.

This is a great method to access when you are travelling, when you are at a hotel, or anytime you are not at home or at your office. You can launch your call to either your cellular phone or a landline.

To establish your SMS-based long distance calling service, all you will need is a BestNet account and a BestNet account and a mobile phone with an SMS/Text Messaging calling plan. No connection is required to the internet by your customers for registration, calling, conferencing, recharging cards, balance inquiries etc.

Send SMS message and get connected!

Call anytime, anywhere, worldwide


  • Available worldwide
  • Both parties receive incoming calls
  • Extremely Low Rates

Register now and get a free dollar credit!

How it works:

  • Register your cell phone number
  • Send an SMS message from your cell phone
  • Message contains the phone number you wish to call and should be entered as CountryCodeAreaCodePhoneNumber
  • Example:
    • Call 18575551234 for US
    • Call 492011234567 for Germany
    • Call 74955551234 for Russia
  • Send your SMS message to
    • 32075 (from USA)
    • +44 778 148 8135 (from outside USA, + is mandatory)
  • Our system recognizes you and establishes a connection

Service is not available everywhere. Please see SMS coverage for details.

Once you register and purchase SMS-Call service you will find more instructions at My Account

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Card and Rate Details:

  • Maintenance Fee - No
  • Connection fee - 10c
  • Rounding - 3 Minute
  • Service Taxes & Surcharges - 15%
  • Validity period - 6 months from last refill/purchase

SMS-Call is a feature of Continental card
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