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Continental » WEB-Call

WebCall based on patented technology, only a browser and Internet connection is required to make low-cost phone calls. Unlike typical VoIP services, you talk over your telephone, not your PC. Therefore, no special hardware or software is required. WebCall can be used anywhere an Internet connection is available for long distance dialing. This service is ideal for either private or business use and works within any environment, including offices with PBX phone systems

Connect two phones anywhere in the world

How it works

  • Enter your phone number
  • Enter your destination number
  • Click Call.

Your phone will ring in a few seconds.

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Yes, it's that easy!


  • Rates are better than regular calling cards
  • Same low rates for either directions
  • No pin needed to place a call
  • No software to download and install
  • Easy-to-use phone book
  • Accessible from anywhere in the world

Card and Rate Details:

  • No Connection Fee
  • Maintenance Fee - No
  • Rounding - 3 Minute
  • Service Taxes & Surcharges - 15%
  • Validity period - 6 months from last refill/purchase

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WEB-Call is a feature of Continental card
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